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Jewellery Care Instructions


FROM JULIET jewellery items are made using on the highest quality, raw materials which are water resistant and hypoallergenic. Our items are made using sterling silver with a thick layer of 18k gold or white gold vermeil plating, 3 microns thick (That is 2x thicker than the industry standard!). To ensure longevity of your items, it is important to take extra special care.


Stop your items for tarnishing prematurely by avoiding build-up of sweat or other chemicals (from moisturiser, perfume) from your skin. Allow skin care products and perfumes to dry completely before wearing your jewellery. Swimming in chlorine, salt water and fresh water can erode or dull gold plating and white gold plating and lead to tarnishing.


We recommend gently cleaning your jewellery once per fortnight after wear. To clean, run under warm water for 5-10 seconds and gently pat dry with a soft cloth, you can also polish your jewellery by softly rubbing with a dry cloth. Do not use harsh jewellery cleaning wash, detergent or polish on gold plated jewellery.